2 New albums!

same light videos

dante and i put these videos together over the past 6 months or so filming on her camera on our hikes around athens and savannah                       



Sound cloud 

a few tracks made in AbletonImage

mix cloud player

“Stoop Kid” video

thanks to Casey Warren Belisle

Pat’s Wife

SAME LiGHT CD’S – $5 here:

Same Light

new album with nick – +

bud liime

Summer, Bud Lime, and Friends

mic cloud –

1. mix of schwarzschild radius by stephan mathieu and Ghosten by kyle hall

2. Never givin up- AAliyah

3. Rock And roll woman- buffalo springfield

4. broken date- com truise

5. when doves cry- prince 6. time for us- nicolaas jaar 7. sea spray- lone

8. the root – d’angelo

Pattern Dress + Salt Lick

Deep Ends

1) A                          2) B